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How accurate is the price calculator?

The price presented in the calculator is basically correct. However, we know from experience that every home is unique and needs a customized arrangement, which affects the time it takes to clean it. Therefore, we always encourage you as a customer to make a free registration of interest, so we can give a 100% correct price after our specialists have taken additional information such as your home and your wishes.

Digital lock from GLUE included

When you book house cleaning with us, we offer you a digital lock from GLUE (value SEK 2,000) free of charge. The lock is installed on the inside of your front door above the knob. That way, you don’t have to lend us any physical keys. The cleaner opens your door via an app and you also get a notification on your phone when the door opens and closes. A small detail that both simplifies and contributes to increased security.

Do you want to book by phone?

Would you prefer us to contact you and schedule the cleaning over the phone? If so, please provide your phone number below, and we will reach out to you within the next hour.

Free crash course in Swedish: ”Bli uppringd: ” = we’ll call you.  ”Skicka” = send. You’re welcome 🙂

Bli uppringd & boka städning

Vår kundservice är redo att hjälpa dig boka hemstädning. Fyll i ditt telefonnummer så ringer vi upp dig.